The “Best HID kit” – why drive behind anything else?

Why trust your safety to inferior headlights? HID headlights could save your family’s life!


So I’m gonna assume that if you’re on this page then you know something about HID headlights and that your actually looking for some information on what makes the “Best HID Kit“.


  • HID eXtra, is our #1 item for “Best HID Kit”              


Hidextra s1. Price – this HID kit was listed at $59.99 at the time this article was bullet pointwritten. Not cheap but not crazy expensive either. However, you get the quality of some of those crazy expensive HID kits for a medium price. Free Shipping, really fast shipping.

2. Quality – very good quality, workmanship is impressive. Stainless steel balasts and all the wiring and plugs were made to last.

3. Warranty – 12 months.

4. Options – they offer 3000k – 10000k HID colors, 35w to 55w. Digital balasts are on all their kits. Universal capasitors and relay harnesses are available if needed. Offer Motorcycle HID kits, LED headlights, LED light bars, LED fog lights.

5. The Company HID Extra, only specializes in car headlights, thats all they do, so they are very, very good at it. Their customer service is top notch and their website is the easiest website I have ever been on to navigate through to find what you need.  All you really have to know about to purchase the best HID kit for your car is;                                          

          A) What kind of car you drive.                                        

          B) What year your car was made.


Those are the only things you need to know to own one of the top HID kits on the market and is one of the few who also specialize in Motorcycle HID kits, these aren’t just half of one of the car kits, these are made specifically for the small and tight spaces on bikes. So if you’re looking for Motorcycle HID kits then this is the company for you. also specialize in LED headlights and LED fog lights.

Oh and by the way, we actually bought a kit from HID Extra and installed it on our Dad’s 2012 Chevrolet Truck. You can read all about that article here in “How to install HID headlights on your Monster”.   Check out our article on the different colors of HID lights:   “The HID Color Chart”



  • Tmart, is #2 on our list of “Best HID Kit” 


#2 Best HID kit

The #2 Best HID Kit

1. Price – This HID kit was listed at $44.59 at the time of writing this article. Not as inexpensive as some but much less expensive then others. Free world wide shipping and they usually ship within 24hrs.

2. Quality – Good quality, steel balasts, weather proof plugs, not the slim balasts but still a good quality product.

3. Warranty – 90 day money back guarantee and 180 day repair warranty.

4. Options – 3000k to 12000k HID colors, 35w to 55w, CANbus decoders offered as an extra to over ride dashboard error msg that appears on some european cars. Digital available. Also offer motorcycle HID kits.

5. The CompanyTmart, is based out of the United Kingdom and is a good solid company thats been in business since 2009. They have a wide assortment of products they sell, they do not specialize in HID kits.

They also have motorcycle HID kits that you can purchase, which seems to be sort rare without spending the time to find a motorcycle specialty store. Their website is much harder to navigate and you need to know exactly what type of HID bulbs you need before getting on their website.

Overall good product if you’re looking to get a good product and save a little bucks, they’re #2 for the best HID kit.



What exactly are HID headlights and why would I want an HID kit?

This website is mainly about HID headlights, HID conversion kits, how they work, where you can get them and why you should want a HID conversion kit to replace the headlights on your vehicle. HID stands for “High Intensity Discharge”. Unlike older headlights, HID headlights (known also as xenon or xenon bulbs) do not have a fragile filament that produces the light. Instead, Xenon Gas inside the bulbs heats between the electrodes, turning very, very bright in micro seconds.

HID lights first began appearing on luxury cars in the late 90s and are becoming increasingly more common as standard equipment. Now a driver can find a HID conversion kit for practically any car on the road if they want to upgrade their older halogen headlights. HID lights provide better visibility at night, which helps to improve nighttime driving safety.

Could it be that your light cover is just oxidized?  Maybe you don’t even need HID’s. If so here’s a link that goes over how to restore your headlight covers:

HID Headlights Use Less Power!

They also consume 35% less power than their halogen counterparts and generate less heat, thereby reducing the load on the vehicle’s electrical system. When you drive at night with HID headlights you can tell that the grass is green and the stop signs are red. What this means for the driver is that he not only sees farther, but also in far more detail. People walking beside the road no longer look like shadows, but the actual coloration of their hair, clothes and shoes are visible and identifiable.

While HID headlights offer superior lighting, they also offer operational benefits to motorists. Xenon bulbs use 1/3 less energy than usual causing less load to a vehicle’s electrical system. As well, the lifespan of a HID light bulb is around 3,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for a conventional headlight bulb. Which means, you may never need to replace an HID light bulb through the life of your car.

Now Anyone Can Have HID Lights

Initially, HID headlights were only a very expensive option on some luxury cars. With HID lighting crossing over to mainstream vehicles, upper trim levels of many vehicles now include HID lighting as a standard feature but if the vehicle that you purchased doesn’t have that option, the ability to find and replace your standard headlights with an HID conversion kit is very available.

Then there’s the issue of performance; Once you drive behind HID headlights, you never want to find yourself behind anything else.

“Once you drive behind HID headlights, you never want to find yourself behind anything else.”

Besides improving on the shear power of the light source, the output of HID headlights benefit with a nearly ideal color temperature. Lower light temperatures created from old-style incandescent and some halogen headlights would contain a noticeable yellowish tint. HID headlight bulbs can burn at a temperature which produces a bluish-white light, yellow or even green.

If you decide to look at an HIDs kits then you can pretty much pick your color headlights, which is a very neat and stylish option for your driving machine.

For even more information please visit this link and read all about HID headlights, and

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