Assad Kurds Agreement

While official details of the deal were not disclosed, Syrian regime forces appeared ready to enter many major Kurdish cities along the Turkey-Syria border, including Kobani, Manbij and Qamishli. Many of these territories are of enormous symbolic importance to the Kurds, who have lost 11,000 men in the past five years, who have fought the Islamic State (Isil) to liberate these cities from jihadist rule. “An agreement has been reached with the Syrian government, whose mission is to protect the country`s borders and preserve Syrian sovereignty – that the Syrian army enters and leaves along the Syrian-Turkish border to help the SDF end this aggression,” the SDF said in a statement. Russia is trying to torpedo the delicate U.S. diplomatic game against the Syrian Kurds, with Washington trying to convince Turkey to soften its stance on Kurdish autonomy in Syria somewhat. On 20 September, the US Special Envoy for Syria travelled to northeastern Syria to meet with delegations from the Kurdish National Council (allied with Turkey and the Barzani in Iraqi Kurdistan), more than 20 allied Kurdish parties and, most importantly, the Democratic Union Party (PYD; its military wing is the YPG, a pillar of the SDF coalition). Russia is outraged by Jeffrey`s visit to northeastern Syria and says the United States continues to trigger the Kurdish insurgency. Moscow fears losing its influence over the Syrian Kurds, which it is pushing to cooperate with assad to determine the extent of their potential autonomy. The Russians are trying to serve the role of Syrian Kurds` defenders against Turkey`s aggression.

U.S. diplomatic talks with the Kurds and Turks could be disastrous for Russian policy. Moscow remains concerned about the influence the United States could exert on Kurdish autonomy. Instead, it is trying to achieve the goal of the Kurds` agreement with al-Assad and to keep the territories under its control within the limits of the post-war war, but with the current regime in power. Russia is trying to involve the Kurds in the inse evacuating from the Moscow talks. One of the reasons for this is that Turkey does not have the right of veto over the initiatives. One of the elements of the agreement between the Kurds and al-Assad, which Russia wants to see, is the integration of the SDF into the Syrian government army. Once publicized, the agreement would prompt US forces – which support the SDF – to leave Syria.

Shortly after Jeffrey visited Syria, Ahmad Jarba, president of the new coalition of the Front for Peace and Freedom, which includes THE KNC, travelled to Moscow to meet with Lavrov. Jarba is widely known for representing Russian interests in northeastern Syria. On 6 September, the Syrian Democratic Forces (which serve as the armed forces of the NES) agreed with the Syrian army to open a new crossing point near the town of Al-Salihiyah, which would promote trade and trade between local populations living in areas controlled by the Syrian government or . Nes. [95] It was not immediately clear whether the agreement with Assad would stop the Turkish offensive or whether the Turkish army and its Syrian rebel allies would continue to advance.