Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan Agreement

Although Banfield is sometimes referred to as Banfield Pet Insurance, Banfield is not pet insurance – it is a wellness membership plan. Despite this confusion, the main question we have is – Is Banfield`s wellness care worth it? Its plans do not cover an illness or injury, but only prevention. Like many others we`ve heard about, Suellen wants to get out of the plan, but says she risks a big strain if she does. Because she visited her father in Texas, she missed an appointment for Padre, the mustache, to have a booster vaccination as part of the wellness plan. Normally, we advise Nick and others in his situation to send his cancellation immediately and to be sure that it will be sent by registered letter or any other method stipulated in the contract. But Katie, from Lewisville, Texas, says she stumbled upon a Catch-22 while trying to stop her plan prematurely. .