HID Headlight Bulbs – beautiful, powerful and just more frigg’n light

HID headlight bulbs kit technologyAre you searching for the right kind of HID headlight bulbs for your automobile? Are you looking for bulbs that will make your night driving experience feel more confident, safe and yes, fun?

Every automobile driver should and would want such a simple accessory on their car or truck because HID headlight bulbs are safer to drive with, more economical then the older halogen bulbs and just plain beautiful to look at.

Aside from the benifit of how great HID headlight bulbs look on automobiles, they can also minimize of all sorts of accidents that can happen when driving with lower quality or older technology halogen headlights.

Although the traditional headlights are doing their job, replacing those outdated halogen bulbs to advanced HID headlight bulbs for your night driving needs would be a great idea for you and your family.

HID headlight bulbs are more safe but they’re also more economical and just plain more beatiful to look at then the standard halogen headlights. Because of the natural color spectrum of HID bulbs, colors look like they’re supposed to, which makes it easier on the driver to make more confident and safe driving decisions even under the darkest driving situations.

Generally, HID headlights are specifically made to enhance the light quality of your car headlights expanding the coverage of your by as much as 70%.

What is an HID Headlight Bulb?

As its name implies, HID – “High Intensity Discharge” bulbs can provide the best intensity quality of light through bulbs. HID bulbs use no filament but rather an electric current is used for igniting the metal halide and xenon gas that are held within a sealed glass tube between two electrodes.

Although a car’s usual voltage is around 12 volts, ballast are used to generate the extra power for the illumination of the bulb, which then produces on average a 3x brighter and higher quality light as compared to traditional halogen bulbs.


Buying HID bulbs would give you a new night time driving experience. With HID bulbs, you could have 3000K (yellow) to 25000K (pink) light color temperature. The color is measured in degrees Kelvin, which simply defines the color at which the light of your bulb will burn.

4500K seems to be the optimal, most like the sun, spectum which gives a fairly white with a touch of yellow hue color, a shade that is more natural and easy on the eyes.

On the energy consumption, regardless of the fact that HID headlight bulbs offer way better quality light than most options you can find from the market, it boasts of its 35-watt consumption ability. Even it offers the best light you can ever have on the road, it only utilizes minimal amount of power making it very long lasting as well.

Quick Reminders when Buying HID Bulbs

If you are planning on converting or getting a new set of HID headlight bulbs for your car, you have to keep in mind some considerations.

You must know the bulb size for your car. Since this could vary from H1 to H2, it would be better to know what your car requires. You should also determine which among the color options you want your car to have on the road. Since this varies depending on the “K” of the bulb’s temperature, you should keep within the range of 6000K to 8000K to get a natural shade for your own use.

If you follow this link, HIDeXtra.com, on their website they have a very easy to follow guide to finding the perfect HID bulbs for your vehicle. When on the site you just pick your car, the year of your car and they basiclly do the rest and let you know what size HID bulb fits your car. Their customer service is great and they have free and fast shipping.

In another article I will be going over installing HID headlight bulbs from an actual HID conversion kit that I bought and put on a Chevrolet truck. So if your concerned about how to put one of these suckers in your vehicle, I’ll be glad to show you how we did it, how long it took and what tools we used.


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