Collective Agreement Cufa

27.03 A Patent and Copyright Committee (PACO), composed of four (4) persons, two (2) of whom are designated by the employer and two (2) are designated by the association. Alternates shall be appointed in the same way. The PACO will be chaired by a president elected by mutual agreement between the association and the employer. It is chaired by a fifth member of the PACO, who votes only in the event of a tie. The quorum shall consist of the five (5) members of the PACO or alternates. 33.08 All rights and privileges of this Agreement are maintained during periods of illness paid in accordance with section 33.02. 51.05 An employer shall make available to a member, upon request, a printed copy of the agreement in his or her preferred language. 7.03 The parties agree that there shall be no discrimination, interference, restriction, coercion or unfair distinction, exercised directly or indirectly or against a Member on any matter. 27.32 If the employer uses a teaching initiative or program through a third party or as part of a complementary distance education program, including online education programs, other electronic or distance learning programs, and wishes to include a member`s work in that initiative or program, the employer must apply to the member for permission to use the work. If the member agrees, the use of the work must be the subject of a written agreement between the member and the employer. A copy of this agreement must be sent to the association at least five (5) days before signing. 27.20 An explicit reference to the dispute settlement procedures in this Article shall be deemed to be contained in any marketing agreement with the Member, whether an independent invention or a qualifying invention.