Farc Agreement 2016

Santos`s office said the president would deliver a speech on Thursday in which he would outline the next steps in demobilizing the FARC after the agreement was ratified. In August 2012, former President Alvaro Uribe, who became the main critic of Mr. Santos`s government, reaffirmed that the government was negotiating with the FARC in Cuba; Allegations disputed by Defence Minister Juan Carlos Pinzén and Foreign Minister Maria Ngela Holguen. [21] However, on 27 August, TeleSUR announced that the government and the FARC were about to announce the signing of an agreement to open formal peace negotiations, and President Santos then confirmed the information. [22] On 15 December, the final agreement on the fifth item on the agenda (victims), of which Transitional Justice is a part, was finally proclaimed by the parties to the negotiations in Cuba. It was built on the Truth Commission, the 23 September special justice for peace agreement and the October announcements on the search unit for the missing. [27] The agreement ensures that extradition will not be granted until the final agreement is signed for offences under CEP jurisdiction committed during the armed conflict. Moreover, the imposition of a sanction by the CEP would not limit the right to political participation. [123] Decommissioning would be phased in over 6 months (180 days) after the formal signing of the final agreement (`D-Day`).

From the fifth to the thirtieth day after D-Day, the FARC will go to the ZVTN to transport all their individual and secondary weapons, militia armament, grenades and ammunition. The formal dismantling of weapons would begin as soon as all FARC members reached the areas. The collection and storage of weapons would be done in three phases: 30% of the weapons per D -90, an additional 30% of the weapons by D-120 and 40% by D-150. At the latest with D-180, six months after the signing of the Final Agreement, the United Nations would have certified that it had completed the arms production process and duly informed the public.