Get HID Lights – Don’t feed the Zombies!

Don’t feed the ZOMBIES – get HID lights!

hid lightsIt’s a pitch black night, no moon at all and your driving what looks like the back nine. Your old standard issue halogen headlights will barely shine in front of your vehicle. Haven’t seen another car for the last ten minutes.

Now you have to slow down because it’s just not safe driving at speed anymore, it’s just so dang dark. What the heck was that?

Out of the corner of your eye something moved on the side of the road but you couldn’t really tell for sure what it was.

Darn, now your windshield is fogging up, prolly cause your breathing a little faster, a little harder. What’s that?  Thump…Thump…Thump, oh crap, it’s just your heart pounding. Got to roll your window down now just to see the road…and a ZOMBIE grabs you by the head and jerks you out’a your car!


Get HID lights, they could save your life.


HID lights offer something more, more efficiency, more beauty and just more frigg’n light.  Want a different color, get HID lights, they also come in numerous options or styles that will satisfy anyone’s needs. Don’t worry about choices, you’ll find so many choices it’ll hurt your head. Shopping for HID headlights is simple. Shopping online makes the process even more simple. Follow these shopping tips and you’ll certainly get some great HID light kits. Don’t be the guy who sticks his head out the window, find some HID lights and get them on your car!


Take Note of the Bulb Fitting


HID kits may have different bulb sizes. The problem is, finding the right size for your car. If its your first time replacing the current bulbs in your vehicle, check in the documentations about your car and see the bulb sizes that will fit them. As long as you got the right size, you won’t have any problem fitting them in your vehicle…or you can just take the easy route and skip all of the above and go to They have a very easy to understand website for figuring out what you need. Just gotta know what kind of car your driving and what year it was made…that’s it. You just type it in and they tell you exactly what you need instantly. Pretty dang simple.


Check the Brand


HID kits are sold by most reliable brands while others are available in generic options. Generic options will save you money, but be aware of the possible low quality features, like maybe you requested your HID headlights to be blue-white and when you finally get them installed, turn them on and find out they’re purple, yeah. It does not mean, however, that you cannot find quality generic HID kits. You just need to be extra careful in choosing your options.


hid light kits


Check the Seller


More than just the brand, checking out the seller is also important to know if you are getting the best HID kits sold today. Check if the seller received positive feedback from their buyers or if they established a list of clients that return to buy their products. This will ensure you will get high a quality HID kit.  HIDeXtra has been in business for years and are the #1 seller of HID conversion kits.

In another article (CLICK here to go to article), I go over my experience of purchasing and installing an HID kit that I actually bought to put on my Dad’s 2012 Chevrolet truck. Was very impressed with the customer service at HIDeXtra and how fast they frigg’n shipped out the HID lights. Got them actually the next day and it was free shipping. I’m not gonna say you’ll get them that fast but I did and was quite happy about that.


Verify Return Policies


Verifying return policies is important for you to get HID lights, nobody wants to just throw away money. There are instances when they might not work and you already tried using the product. Check warranties and replacements to assure you will not waste your money on these kits.

HIDeXtra has an awesome return policy, as a buyer of their HID conversion kits, you’d be covered under a one year warranty as well as a 60 day full refund/ exchange. If your not totally satisfied, meaning happy for us little word people, then just return the kit within 60 days for a full refund or exchange.


Compare HID Kit prices


Budget constraints often cause problems to buyers. Compare all the prices offered for these products to save money, without buying an inferior product. Remember that you have numerous options that will suit your budget needs as well as all the other very cool features. Getting HID kits is simple and cost effective as long as you follow these tips.

Get some HID lights from a reliable company to assure quality and economize your expenses in customizing your vehicle. Don’t feed the zombies your head, don’t lose your girlfriend to the zombies, just get some HID lights for your car.


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