Go for the Blue HID Headlights

How did we evolve to Blue HID headlights?


blue hid headlights on car

Modern transportation has evolved tremendously during the past decades and has greatly increased the quality of traveling. What used to take days of travel on foot or by animal can become only a few hours by car. Unfortunately, like any means of transportation, accidents can still happen when riding in a car.

In most cases, with the huge amount of cars and the speed that they can reach, vehicular-related accidents have increased greatly. However, this does not mean that their disadvantages outweigh their advantages; it simply means that as drivers, we should take every ounce of precaution that we can.


Prevention is the Best Kind of Safety


When it comes to driving, safety is of utmost importance. Seatbelts and airbags can help you survive if an unfortunate accident may occur. However, one of the best ways to keep you safe on the road is by actually preventing car crashes in the first place.

This is where your headlights become very important since they are the actual tools that will help you navigate the roads during the time of the day where vehicular accidents are more likely to happen—at night.

If you are always on the road, chances are, you may have seen numerous cars sporting a bright blue beam of light during night. These are more than just fashion accessories for the car; they are there to help the driver see better at night. These new headlamps are called blue HID headlights and are different from your typical car headlights.

Traditional headlights use a filament that lights up when electricity is passed through it and produces the yellow beam of traditional headlights that we commonly see. However, these High Intensity Discharge or HID headlights use a gas called Xenon that glows white (or yellow, blue, purple)-hot when electricity is passed through it. The resulting light is far brighter and sharper and is blue colored if one uses the K temp. For more info on the HID colors go to this article “Understanding the HID Color Chart”.


More than Just an Accessory


Some think that blue HID headlights are simply a means to accessorize one’s car; however, it has been shown that the light from these HID headlights reach farther distances and are much brighter. This means that drivers can see farther during night time and can actually see clearer. Also, since the lights are blue, it is actually closer to natural daylight which gives drivers more visibility when driving.

If you do a lot of nighttime driving, then it would be advisable for you to go and get some blue headlights for your car. These headlights are gaining popularity and are now readily available. You can also install them yourselves since you can easily purchase an HID headlight kits. Be warned, however, that these things are not cheap; in fact, they can be quite pricey if a buyer doesn’t do due diligence and shop wisely. Prices will vary depending on make and model, especially if you are looking for aftermarket kits.

Fortunately, now a lot of modern cars now have these blue HID headlights as an option. So if you are planning to purchase a new car sometime soon, consider this factor. However, despite the price of these HID headlights, they are still worth purchasing, when it comes to driving safety, there is no price tag for one’s life.


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