Why The HID Ballast Is Important

IMG_0204Lately, HID lights have been getting quiet popular. There are a lot of HID conversion kits available in the market. There are many important components that work together in a xenon HID light. In this article, we will discuss various components of the xenon lights as well as the relative importance of each component but mainly we will discuss why the HID ballast is so important.

First of all, let’s discuss the various components of the light. In simple terms, these can be described as a glass tube that has tungsten electrode, gas and metal enclosed in the tube. Whenever an electric current is passed through the electrodes, the tube emits light. The gas is needed to start the light. However, once the metal inside the glass tube gets heated enough, it starts producing the light.

These lights are used across various industries. Gardeners mostly prefer these lights as these are one of the few light sources that closely resemble the sunlight. Therefore, these lights make it possible for gardeners to grow things indoors when no sunlight is available. One of the other benefits of these lights is that they are very durable as compared to other sources of light and these also consume much less power to produce much higher light.

Many people are not aware of the importance of HID ballast. The HID ballast is important as it helps in starting the lamp and it also allows the electricity to flow through the whole bulb which keeps the lights on. It’s another important function is to control the electric current flowing through the bulb. If the flow of electricity is too high in the bulb, it may destroy the whole bulb. Therefore, the HID ballast is important for xenon lights as without the ballast, the lights won’t able to function in a proper manner.

There are many different types of ballasts available on the market. These three main types are digital ballast, electronic ballast and magnetic ballast. The magnetic type is also known as core and coil type. These refer to the components that are inside the ballast. These components work in conjunction with a capacitor inside the ballast that controls the flow of current. Some of these types are also available in the market with an igniter. This igniter is used with metal halide lamps and sodium lamps.

The other type of ballast such as electronic ballast makes use of electronic circuits to control the flow of electricity in the light bulb. The electronic type also has other safety features that offer improved control. There is also quite more protection built-in this type as these provide protection from under and over voltage, flashing light as well as short circuit.

However, in these three types, the digital one is the most efficient as it produces more light and with far less energy consumption. Another benefit of digital type is that it also provides control on the temperature inside the HID bulb which means that the temperature is maintained at a consistent level. Consistent temperature enhances the overall life of bulb.

hid ballast mounted in truckOne other advantage of digital type is that it is comparatively smaller in size and is also lightweight. Overall, it saves a lot of space as compared to other types. These are also easy to use and offer very easy way to maintain the brightness and color constancy. These also offer enhanced power regulation.

There are many manufacturers who have launched HID kits in the market with digital ballasts. It is true that these are not inexpensive as compared to other types available in the market but there are many advantages of this technology that make the cost worthwhile.

As mentioned above, these kits have become very popular lately. Therefore, a lot of different manufacturers have entered the market and it is sometimes difficult for a buyer to ascertain the difference between various brands. All of the kits available in the market are not of the same quality. It is important to keep in mind that ballast is the most important part of a HID light system.

Therefore, the performance of your light depends a lot on the quality of the ballast. Also, these can be very dangerous as these produce very high voltage. Another crucial thing about these hid ballasts is that it is not possible for these to be repaired and if these go bust, you will have to spend extra money to buy brand new one. Therefore, it is recommended that you invest your money in a reputable brand and buy these kits only from a known vendor.
The benefits of buying a known vendor is that their kits would have gone through a quality testing process and this will ensure that you do not receive a faulty kit.

Also, the vendor should be able to offer you a guarantee for these kits. Most of the professional companies usually offer a warranty of one year or two years for their kits so that you can get it replaced without any additional cost in case something goes wrong. Remember that the HID ballast is important and you need to pay special attention to it before deciding on a kit.


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