Brightest Headlights on the road – HID Headlights

Brightest headlights HIDAnother great revolution in the automobile industry is the invention of the HID automobile headlights. They are the brightest headlights so far and come in either clear white, bluish, or yellowish colors.

Numerous studies in this state have shown that a practice as simple as turning on your headlights whenever you are driving may reduce your chances of being in an accident. While car manufacturers are beginning to produce more vehicles with daytime running lights, this is not mandated by the government and most vehicles remain without them. Since it would take an incredibly long time to phase out all of the cars and trucks on the road today in order to replace them with vehicles that used daytime running lights, there is a debate running that the burden should instead be on drivers to run their lights at all times via the introduction of new laws, for example, the state also has the Buckle Up Bug program.

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, a bulb technology that encompasses a mixture of xenon gas, mercury, and metal halide salts. To make the claim of being the brightest headlights, HID lights produce 300 percent more light than halogen bulbs. To produce an illumination that covers a longer and wider range, this headlight is designed without filaments and contains two electrodes for the light arc. The amount of light makes it a better option especially if you are a frequent night traveler or when traveling in foggy conditions since it enables you to see the sides of the road clearly.

These very bright headlights, the brightest headlights, could make you believe you are traveling in daylight due to the greater distribution of light, exactly why they get the title of brightest headlights on the road.

One is able to see from a distance all the road signs and reflectors which play a big role in road safety. This is especially a greater advantage if you are traveling on an unfamiliar road.  Speaking of unfamiliar roads, read my article on how HID lights can save your life from being eaten by ZOMBIES! (CLICK here to go to article)

A car with HID headlights-aka “the brightest headlights on the road” would also be using much less energy, which is sorta remarkable. For instance, while standard halogen bulbs would produce 700 Lumens of light after consuming 55 watts, HID bulbs produce 3,200 lumens with just 35 watts.

The design and components of HID headlights makes them last a great deal longer. Some of them could even last as long as your car, which would be a nice change in today’s economy. The standard timeline, however, is 3,000 hours which is a better alternative to the 300 hours guaranteed by conventional halogen ones.

When these lights were first invented in Europe, they were specifically targeted for top of the range vehicles. However, most car manufacturers are today designing the headlight area to be compatible with the HID headlight requirements. Still, it is possible and easy to install the lights on an older vehicle and there are HID conversion kits for almost all make and models of cars on the road today.

For a successful conversion, you would require just a HID conversion kit, some basic tools and elbow greese. I go over purchasing and installing an HID conversion kit on my Father’s 2012 Chevrolet Truck, it’s very, very simple but check out the article here to see how simple (CLICK here to go to article)

You can get these units installed at your local garage if you don’t feel confident on your ability to do the headlight change but it is so simple that isn’t a needed step.

You would also have to investigate the right HID headlights for your car as different vehicles require different designs and sizes. Most sellers are well acquainted with the various models and would be ready to help you. If you go to they have a great program, you just basicly need to know what kind of car, truck or bike you have and the year it was made, then they can do the rest of the work and get you your HID kit.

When you opt to go with the brightest headlights, however, be very, very careful….because once you drive at night with HID headlights you’ll never want to drive behind anything else.


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