Why HID Bulbs Last Longer Than Halogen Bulbs

HID bulb has no filament

Halogen Bulb

There are many advantages to high-intensity HID bulbs for vehicle owners. These advantages include the brightness and quality of light, power drain, and the fact they don’t get hot. However, one of the things vehicle owners like the best is the fact that HID bulbs last longer than regular vehicle light bulbs.

Why Do HID Bulbs Last Longer Than Others?

One of the biggest physical differences between HID lights and other lights is the lack of a filament. Instead of using a filament, HID bulbs actually produce brilliant light by igniting an electrical charge that passes through the xenon gas that has been sealed tightly inside the bulb.

The main thing to know is that filaments are flimsy, and they tend to wear about because of bumps or normal vibrations on the road. With xenon instead of a filament, there is nothing to wear out, and most people find that HID bulbs last longer because there is nothing inside the bulb to wear out or break. It is simply full of inert gas not a filament.

Other Advantages Of Xenon Light Bulbs

HID bulbs from my dads truck

HID Bulb

Some people call these xenon bulbs instead of HID light bulbs. This is simply a reference to the gas sealed inside of them. Because of the way they work, they are known to be very durable. However, that is not the only advantage. Even if they lasted the same amount of time as halogen bulbs, there would still be reasons to consider these newer and better types of bulbs.

HID Bulbs Burn Bright With Less Power

One popular comparison is between a 35 Watt high intensity discharge, or HID, bulb and a regular 55 Watt headlight bulb. The HID bulb burns brighter even though it requires a lower wattage to run. That means that owners of these headlights get better lighting with a lower power drain upon their vehicle.

The bulb is better at converting energy to light. Not only does that make it more efficient, it means that less energy is given off as heat. HID light bulbs also stay much cooler to the touch than regular light bulbs do. By staying cooler, there is a less of a chance of the adding to the overall heat of a car, and it is more convenient to work around that area with the headlights turned on.

More Natural Lighting

The light that emanates from this type of a bulb is more natural and closer to regular sunlight. That makes it a safer alternative. Regular lights just drill a path down the road in front of a car. This is great to see the road ahead, but it doesn’t do much for side or rear vision.

The brighter light of an HID bulb also does a better job of getting spread around the vehicle. Not only can the driver see the road ahead better, he or she can also get a better view of things around the car. This makes driving at night safer and more pleasant.

How To Get HID Car Headlights

Newer cars may come with HID headlights as standard or optional equipment choices. They are not that likely to be on older cars because this kind of bulb has only been recently used in vehicles. However, even owners of older cars can enjoy better headlights by using a conversion kit.

These kits don’t cost a lot, and they allow almost all vehicle owners to enjoy the power and brilliance of these new light bulbs on their older vehicles. Since these bulbs last a long time and work much better, it is very likely that car, motorcycle, van, or truck owners will say that their purchase of a headlight conversion kit pays for itself very quickly.

The kits are easy to use. Most companies that produce these kits say that it only takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete the installation, and some say they did it much faster. It really depends upon the kind of vehicle and how familiar the installer is with changing lights.

People who would prefer not to install the kit by themselves can probably stop by their regular service station for help. It might be a good service to ask for when getting the next oil change. A service station might ask for a small fee, but they may even offer to do it for free for a regular customer who also buys other services.

HID Bulbs Are The Future Of Headlights

There is little doubt that these new bulbs will take over in time. They are brighter, emit very natural light, and draw less power. In addition, they don’t heat up and tend to last much longer than regular lights. HID bulbs also make it a lot safer and more pleasant to drive on dark roads.


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