HID Colors For HID Kits : Conversion Kits In Cool Colors

hid colors on sportscarThere are many good reasons to replace old halogen headlights with HID headlights. In fact, HID headlamps are great in terms of better performance, a lower energy draw, and less heat radiated to the outside. There is even a fun side to this kits, and that is the fact that consumers can choose different HID colors for HID kits.

What Are HID Colors for HID Kits?

These are some of the cool colors that xenon replacement bulbs can come in:

* White HID headlights – 5000k to 6000k
* Blue HID headlights – 8000k
* Yellow HID headlights – 3000k to 4000k
* Purple HID headlights – 20,000k to 30,000k
* Pink HID headlights – 15,000k



Typically, kits may come with standard white light bulbs, but some can be ordered with special HID colors right from the start. If not, replacement HID bulbs are not that expensive, and it is always possible to sell the unwanted bulbs online at eBay or some other eCommerce website. Otherwise, the white HID bulbs can also be saved as replacements. Xenon bulbs tend to last a long time, so it isn’t likely they will need to be replaced very often.

Vehicle owners with new cars that already came with xenon bulbs shouldn’t have to do anything but make sure they order the right size bulbs and switch the bulbs out. These folks don’t need to order a whole kit in order to switch colors.

The Advantage Of HID Lights

Besides choosing HID colors for HID kits, there are other advantages of switching to these modern lights. They work differently than typical light bulbs that are included in most modern cars. To understand this, it is important to understand how they are different.

Traditional bulbs have a filament that produces light from electricity. This has worked for over a century, but it can be improved upon. For one thing, these filaments are fairly fragile. Over time, normal car vibrations can wear them out. Accidents or even really bad bumps in the road may also take them out.

At the same time, HID lights are more durable. That is because the bulb simply contains xenon gas to convert power into light. There isn’t anything inside of these bulbs to break, so they tend to hold up for many more years than normal car headlights. People who own cars with HID, also called xenon, lights will rarely have to change a bulb.

In addition, these new lights are much better at turning power into light. This gives vehicle owners a few advantages. These advantages of HID lights include:


* Less power drain: The lights do not need to draw as much power from the car’s battery.

* Brighter light: In addition to drawing less power, the lights can shine brighter for better vision at night.

* More natural light: The light that shines from HID lights is more like natural daylight, so this is better for the driver’s vision, and it is also better for other drivers.

* Larger angle of light: The light is brighter and more natural, but it also tends to shine on a larger part of the area around the car. Old halogen lights just drill down the middle of the road.


The advantages of HID lights are pretty clear. They are brighter, more like natural light, and shine on a greater area around a car. This makes them much safer for drivers who need to travel down dark roads. It also makes them better for the visibility of other drivers on the road, and this is also an important safety consideration.

Because the HID lights last longer, they are also likely to cost less to purchase over the long run. Also, because they drain less of the power from the vehicle, the driver is likely to enjoy much better performance from his vehicle. While everybody may not care to convert headlines with a kit, it is clear that these new lights are a good feature to look for on a new car.

The kits are fairly easy to install. Instructions are included, and quality companies also have helpful customer support numbers. For people who would rather not work on their own cars, a good auto garage should be willing to install the kits for a reasonable charge. Even though these lights are pretty easy to install on cars, there are lots of people who would rather leave it to a pro, and this is just fine.

Enjoy HID Colors Too

Of course, one fun thing about HID lights is the ability to choose from a variety of different HID colors. Replacement bulbs might be purchased for cars that already have xenon lights, conversion kits, or for cars that need their bulbs replaced because one has gone out.

Switching over to new HID headlights is a decision that car owners seldom regret. Besides regular cars, there are also slim HID conversion kits for motorcycles, more powerful HID kits for vans, and trucks.


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