The HID D2s Headlight Bulb Is Phenomenal

HID D2s Headlight BulbXenon lighting solutions have developed the phenomenal lightbulb called the HID d2s headlight bulb. This exceptional lightbulb uses the famous quality Xenon technology that Phillips is famous for. This particular lightbulb will provide you with an amazing 200% more light while at the same time giving you a 50% light savings.

The headlight bulb has a precise light distribution and is DOT compliant. All of these features in a headlight bulb that is completely street legal, now that is amazing. This is what people have come to expect from the Philips brand of headlight bulbs. This particular unit only weighs 0.6 ounces. It has a product dimension of 2.2 x 2.2 x 3.9 inches. The manufacturer part number and item model number are the same 85122 C1. Some of the special features of this unique headlight bulb are voltage 85 V, base P 32d2, wattage 1875.

When it comes to xenon lighting solutions, the preferred number one choice by car manufacturers and drivers is always xenon lighting. This product maintains its superior performance and high original equipment quality while at the same time producing adequate light for even the most demanding of drivers.

The Philips Company was the original creator of xenon lighting and you should always use only genuine original equipment xenon lighting products. The Philips Company has always been a leader with innovative technology. They do not skimp on costs in regards to materials but only use the highest of quality products for their production and testing. The bottom line is that a Phillips xenon light is irreplaceable when it comes to high-end quality.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of counterfeit and fraud. There are many counterfeit Philips high quality xenon lights being offered both off-line and online. Counterfeit producers do not care about quality or safety.

Some of these counterfeit xenon lights have cause considerable vehicle damage and at times even personal injuries. These counterfeit lamps are inferior and may cause damage to a vehicle or result in personal injury. Philips cannot allow this type of criminal activity to continue and therefore they have created a solution.

The solution was created to protect future customers from purchasing counterfeit lighting products with a Phillips brand. The company has a proactive solution that was created using unique technology that is state-of-the-art. This technology helps to detect any counterfeit xenon headlight bulbs that are being distributed by unauthorized dealers.

Every new xenon light will now have a COA certificate of authenticity from Philips. You see this certificate of authenticity on every package that you order. Once you have ordered the product you can utilize special security codes and elements to verify that your product is truly a high quality Philips product.

It will be easy for you to determine whether your product is counterfeit or not because you can either go to the web address that the company has supplied to verify your product or scan the QR code.

Most people do not realize that the Philips xenon bulb is much more efficient than a halogen bulb. In fact, your Phillips xenon bulb will produce twice as much light as a halogen bulb. It will do this without consuming more power. The truth of the matter is that your Phillips xenon bulb will consume even less power than a halogen bulb while producing more light. That is a very impressive statistic that will save you money while at the same time allowing you to purchase a higher quality product.

The obvious advantage to having a headlight bulb that produces this much light is that it will increase and enhance a driver’s visibility. This will be especially important for professional drivers who spend a lot of time in their vehicle at night. Nighttime drivers are well aware of the need for proper lighting when driving on various roads during horrific weather conditions.

Also, it will help drivers to see potential dangerous obstacles a lot sooner. Even one full second added to a driver’s reaction time can be the difference between missing an animal that darts in front of your car to hitting it. By using less power to light the headlamps the driver will also benefit by saving important electrical energy for other more essential functions.

One of the best ways to confirm whether this product is for your vehicle or not is to read some verified testimonials about the product. For example, one customer of the HID d2s headlight bulb wrote about his 2001 Audi. This car came equipped with an original Philips HID bulb. The owner spent a lot of time looking into various options for replacing the burned-out bulb.

He ended up saving over $200 by purchasing 2 HID d2s headlight bulbs from an online source. You say this money by installing the product on his own. A local car dealer wanted an outrageous amount of money for the product and the installation of the bulbs. At first, the owner was a little bit apprehensive about doing the job on his own but in the long run it only took him 40 minutes to replace both bulbs. Also, he knew that he had bought an original product because of the certificate of authenticity.

In another verified review, which came from a gentleman who was placing the headlight bulbs in his 08 VW GTI, a man explained how happy he was when he received his package containing two HID d2s headlight bulbs. He too bought his product online and mentioned how much money he saved.

He mentioned an interesting point about spending a little extra time doing some research before buying the HID d2s headlight bulb. This research led to an article about the certificates of authenticity. He was just about to purchase these bulbs at a very low price when he noticed that the company didn’t provide this certificate.

He now is driving with two authentic Phillips xenon headlight bulbs and is very pleased with the quality and the brightness of the bulbs. Therefore, when you are about to purchase an important part for your vehicle make sure that you know whether it is counterfeit or genuine.

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