HID Headlights Kits For Offroad Vehicles

offroad vehicles with HID headlights kitsIt shouldn’t be any surprise to learn that every vehicle requires functioning headlights. This is a mandatory safety feature on the road and off. Small off road vehicles, such as two wheelers, may only have a single headlight. Larger offroad vehicles will always have two lights. Upgrading with new HID headlights kits for offroad vehicles can improve your visibility and safety while driving.

Benefits Of HID Headlights Kits For Offroad Vehicles.

While it’s mandatory all vehicles operate with headlights, it is not mandatory that drivers upgrade to more efficient HID headlights. Even so, the majority of people who take their offroad driving serious will make the upgrade. There are many reasons drivers eventually decide to make the upgrade.

The first and most obvious advantage is the increased intensity of the light. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. Compared to the incandescent or halogen alternatives, the illumination from an HID bulb is much larger and provides much more visibility.

The high intensity light is created from xenon gas as it is evaporated with other compounds. Their light is easily recognized because of its intensity as well as the shade of blue and white that it emits.

Visibility is important for any drive off road and on. It helps illuminate incoming obstacles, such as rocks, shrubbery, and other forms of danger. It also gives a wider range of view.

LED light Bar

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Despite the improved visibility, the xenon HID headlights kits for offroad vehicles require less energy to run than the standard halogen light. The halogen bulb is known to burn out after only around 1,000 hours, but most HID lights will last at least twice that.

You might think that upgrading with a new headlight kit would be a lot of work, but it isn’t. It won’t even require the assistance of a mechanic if you find the right manufacturer. Most companies provide HID light kits that are designed to fit perfectly on older headlight sockets. There’s no real work required to get them installed and running.

Once you’ve taken your vehicle off of the road with new HID lights you’ll never want to return to halogen or incandescent bulbs. HID bulbs are more efficient, more durable, and make your overall driving experience better. Not all HID lights are created equal.

Choosing The Appropriate HID Kit.

Choosing to make the upgrade a great first step. Next it’s time to actually find an HID conversion kit for your vehicle. This isn’t a lot of work thanks to the internet.

The first step is to determine the type of lights your vehicle is currently using. It is likely either halogen or incandescent, but you’ll want to know the specifics. When you purchase your conversion kit, it will come with the ballast and wiring to connect to that specific socket.

Your best bet is to always look in the vehicle’s manual. If you don’t have the manual, then you can check online or investigate for yourself. Make sure you choose the right socket type or you’ll waste a lot of time.

If your vehicle’s current headlight socket is not capable of supplying a stable enough power source to prevent flickering, then an additional harness is required to power the light. You can always check online to see if your vehicle is known to have this problem.

The next step is to choose the temperature of the bulbs in the kit. The temperature is directly related to the color and is expressed in terms of Kelvin, or K. Factory installed HID lights use 4300 K bulbs. If you want your upgrade to closely resemble a factory HID kit, then choosing a 4300 K conversion kit is the best choice.

Higher intensities bring more blue into the light, but obstruct other drivers and aren’t street legal in most places. Some people choose to install them just for looks, but they actually provide less usable light for the driver.

Baja offroad vehicle with HID headlights kitsAnother thing that must be considered is the quality of the individual components in the kit. Each component may not have been held to the same manufacturing standards. You’ll have to do the research to ensure you’re relying on a quality supplier with high-quality standards.

Find out what others are saying about the products online. Read the product descriptions to see what features are included, such as ballast protection. Lighter ballasts are cheaper to produce and ship for the company. Companies that care about quality use epoxy to make the ballast waterproof and electrically safe.

You should also look for companies that offer warranties on their conversion kits. A longer warranty is always a good sign of a quality HID headlights kits. However, it’s not a reason to skip past the research. Finally, always speak to someone at the company before making a purchase. Make sure the employees are knowledgeable and the customer service is satisfactory.


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