HID Retrofit Basics 101

HID retrofit for carChoosing a Xenon HID kit for HID retrofit can leave you wondering at the plethora of options available to you either on the internet, or at your local store. All of these options can make the possibility of completing your HID retrofit seem a task as impossible as completing the labyrinth from Greek mythology.

HID kit or not?

The first choice you have, is whether you want to even use an HID xenon kit or not. Many websites offer kits for an HID retrofit that allow you to have everything you need at your disposal within an instant. The downside to these kits, is that you have very little room for customization.

However, customization is often not needed. You get to choose between companies, specifications, and even cable types making it easy to utilize the kits and still get the exact results that you want. In-fact, many large names in manufacturing offer xenon hid kits that allow you to do your retrofit with their certified parts.

If you choose to not use an hid kit, you will need to find a tutorial online along with a listing of the parts needed. This can be much more complicated and should not be attempted by a novice. If you have a strong electronics background you may be fine doing this by yourself. It is still recommended to look up a tutorial with complete parts listing to prevent problems later on in your retrofit.

How much time will it take?

Both of these option can take a bit of time. Most hid retrofit kits and tutorials will include an estimated time on their listing. This lets you know how much time you need to set aside for everything going smoothly. If you are unsure of your, you should allot that time plus another half to ensure perfection with your retrofit. Make sure that you have this time either in a block or half blocks so you don’t have to stop halfway through and lose your place.

Use you tube for research

The next metric often listed is if there is cutting needed. For the most part there will need to be cutting to modify your HID. Don’t let this scare you away, the instructions will usually include precise pictures needed to accomplish this task. If they don’t, you can look up videos on various streaming services to ensure you are doing things correctly.

The next thing you need to look at when deciding is what performance enhancement the HID retrofit is going to give your HID lights. One of the most common is brightness. No matter what the enhancement is, the tutorial or hid kit will tell you what it should enhance without giving you too much trouble.

Make sure you have a good work area

Once you have chosen your retrofit options, you will usually need to wait a few days for the parts to arrive. During this time make sure that you have a clean, grounded surface for working on. This can be anywhere from your garage to your kitchen table. Cleanliness is important when you are cutting open sensitive electronics.

Inventory your kit

Once your hid kit or parts arrive do a thorough inventory. Make sure that you check inside each package and bag to ensure that they are exactly as advertised. If there is something missing do not start your retrofit until you have acquired the necessary parts.

Do you have the necessary tools?

tools for hid retrofitNext, look at your kit or tutorial to find the necessary tools. Make sure that you have all of them and lay them out around your workspace in easy to reach places. This will make it so you can work at a natural speed and you never have to leave your work unattended.

Do you have enough light?

Ensure that your workspace has adequate light. If you find a light that telescopes or is modular in some other way it will be better to work with. If you can only find a lamp, then place it slightly out of the way without its shade. Use this light to give yourself a clear view of your entire workspace, this allows you see if you are making a mistake, lose a small part, or need to do precision work.

Clean the oils off your hands

Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before trying to do the retrofit. Oils on your hands can harm bulbs, uncovered parts, and even cause lower performance. If you sweat a lot you will want to make sure that you have a clean cloth close to your workspace. Use this cloth to dry your hands on a regular basis as you are working.

You can do this!

Getting down to the actual  HID retrofit can take you quite a bit of time. However, with a good tutorial or HID kit you can cut down this time and ensure yourself the best results. Taking care of your workspace will also serve you well when working on your own hid retrofit. Despite seeming incredibly complicated, a good retrofit can be simple and fun and make your car or truck night driving experience much more safe. We did this, check out this article on “How to install an HID kit”


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