HIDS Kits – Facts You Need to Know

HIDS Kits on Mini cooperHIDS Kits – The latest in headlight development in the automotive industry are the HID (high intensity discharge) headlights. The HID headlights are better than their halogen counterparts in terms of both light spread and intensity.

HID lights tend to last up to 3 times longer than halogen headlights and use 2/3 less power to start. These types of lights produce two types: visible and ultraviolet wavelengths.

Highway signs will glow when vehicle owners use HID headlights, which were used for the first time in 1993 in a BMW. Drivers will enjoy awesome light output with the use of the HID kits, and they are very easy to assemble – which allows vehicle designers to create more efficient and aerodynamic machines.

Another important fact is that HID headlights are used in exotic and luxury vehicles most of the time, but they are finding their way into the mainstream market.

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Brands and Installation

HID headlights give you more safety and a larger field of vision when compared to halogen lamps. The biggest automotive OEMs mostly use Osram and Philips brands. These kits are very dependable and auto makers need items with high dependability levels to work with. The typical HID Headlight kits comes with two relays, two HID bulbs, two ballasts and wiring harnesses.

The installation of HIDS kits is very simple. You just have to set aside the headlight assembly right away. Ballasts must be put under the lights in order to keep them concealed. Affix your ground terminals to your chassis ground. Drill a hole and fit the grommet into it, and you should also adjust the beam alignment.

More Benefits of Installing HIDS Kits in your Automobile

The HID headlights help improve fuel economy, require less amount of power and are more environmentally friendly. Engineers also noted that HID headlights are more convenient to use than halogen lamps because they are 40% smaller. The most important thing to remember is that the beam is distributed by the plastic light – drive electronics and the actual light source are located elsewhere, which is very convenient to lower costs of repair.

HIDS kits are here to stay because they offer multiple benefits for the vehicle owner such as lower costs, more road visibility, improved fuel economy, among other things.  There are some great companies who have been in the business of providing HIDS kits for many years and this is what they specialize in. They can take your older standard headlights and easily and quickly show you how to convert them into the new, powerful, stylish and much safer HID headlights.


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