Independent Contractor Agreement Delivery Service

A delivery driver cannot receive an hourly wage depending on the state that offers his services, but by delivery. In addition, drivers usually receive tips that are between 5% and 10% of the total amount purchased. At Globiness, the safety of drivers, businesses and consumers who use the Globiness platform is paramount. We want to ensure that you feel safe in performing commission and delivery tasks, that business is comfortable with the driver and that consumers never have to worry about opening their door to get their order. $4.00 base payment per batch in case of successful delivery. Where the Contractor uses the services of personnel to provide the Contractual Services, the Contractor`s personnel shall satisfy and comply with all the terms of the agreement which the CONTRACTOR shall make enforceable by a written agreement between the Contractor and the staff. A copy of this written agreement must be provided to GLOBINESS at least seven (7) days prior to the provision of the contractual services. The Parties acknowledge that the sole purpose of this requirement is to ensure compliance by the Contractor with the terms of this Agreement. The Contractor undertakes to perform the Contractual Services in a timely, efficient, safe and lawful manner. GLOBINESS has no right and will not control and will not control the manner, manner or means used by the Contractor to provide the Contractual Services.