Rc Agreement

1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, RC Inspection (`The Company`) provides services in accordance with these Terms of Sale (`Terms of Sale`) and, therefore, all offers or offers are subject to these Terms and Conditions. All contractual agreements or other agreements that result are subject to all terms and conditions of sale, unless the law of the place where these agreements or contracts are concluded or executed is contrary to one of the general terms of sale and, in this case, this local law applies everywhere, but only to the extent that it is contrary to these Terms and Conditions. UNHCR procures much of its requirements through framework agreements. A framework agreement is a specific type of collective agreement with a group of suppliers, favouring a certain subset (which can only be one). Framework agreements contain clauses similar to those of standard collective agreements with certain additional points (optional) such as 17. In the event that, for whatever reason, outside the control of the company, the company is prevented from providing or completing a service for which an order has been placed or an agreement has been made. the client pays to the company. 17.1 The amount of all losses actually made or incurred. 17.2 Part of the agreed commission or commission corresponds to the share (if any) of the service actually provided: and the company is relieved of responsibility for the partial or total non-performance of the required service. The system is installed locally on site or in the private cloud.

BullWall does not collect private or personal data of any kind that relates to individuals. As part of your use of the licensed software, BullWall may collect, store, disclose and use certain “Collected Data” information. BullWall uses this collected data to enable, optimize and provide support/assistance, and improve BullWall`s products and services in general, including checking aggregated data for statistical analysis and software error messages. Please note that the use of licensed software may be subject to data protection laws or regulations in some jurisdictions. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the licensed software complies with these laws or regulations. The list of data collected System condition (company name, installed version, number of users in the asset list, duration, number of max alert levels, error log, if available, GUID), system settings (licensing software settings). The collected data will be encrypted and encrypted at BullWall at your location. 18. The company is relieved of any liability for the adjudicating entity or any right to a loss, injury or charge, unless the action is brought within one year, changes the date of service by the company that establishes the law or, in the event of presumed non-performance, within three months of the end of those benefits.

6. The company`s standard benefits may include any of the following options: 6.1 Quantitative and/or qualitative inspection. 6.2 Control of goods, facilities, equipment, packaging, tanks, containers and means of transport. 6.3 Monitoring loading or unloading. 6.4 Sample sampling and preparation. 6.5 Laboratory analysis or other tests. 6.6 Investigation and audits.