Reviewing the HID Xenon H7 Bulb

HID xenon h7 bulbWhen it comes to small and light bulbs that are easy to install yet produce at a full level, you are going to have a hard time finding a better option than the increasingly popular HID xenon h7 bulb. This bulb is produced by multiple companies looking to provide some bright light from bulbs that are light weight and may look delicate, but they create a bright and clear light that can be especially effective in cutting through the night.

Read on to learn what you need to know before purchasing any HID xenon h7 bulb for your car or truck.

The Basic Statistics

These are not heavy lights. This piece of equipment is just a very light-weight light bulb that can be connected straight into the headlight of any appropriate car, truck, van, or SUV. HID lights are popular because on average they produce over 300% more light than your more conventional halogen light bulbs.

These lights can be as heavy as half a pound, but depending on what company you go with there are also light bulbs that are as light as 3 ounces and still offer the full-sized impact that you would expect from a high-quality HID bulb.

Some of the most common traits of HID xenon h7 headlight bulbs include things like:

– Lightweight between 3-9 oz
– Varied dimensions based on car light shape
– Xenon gas
– Energy-friendly efficient lighting
– H7 size specifically fits a variety of vehicles
– Ready to plug in

These lights do create a slightly different type of light than you are used to seeing, since the method of producing the light is different than what you might be used to. This creates better visibility, definitely at night, but it also looks a lot different than you’d be used to, which means you will want to take some time to get used to it and the new view that it provides for you.

Whatever brand you decide to go with, it’s important to understand that with this light the h7 is the measurement and it’s important to make sure that is indeed the type of light bulb you need.

Pros of HID Headlights

There’s no question that the popularity of the HID xenon h7 bulb can be traced directly to the many known positives of going with HID headlights. There’s a reason these type of automobile lights first appeared in luxury vehicles in the early 1990s. They’re better in many ways!

There are many people claiming that HID headlights last longer and thus don’t need to be replaced as often. There is some disagreement on this although many modern HID lights do seem to last longer than older models, with many lasting for years upon years without any issue.

Finally there is one huge advantage to HID lights that is impossible to argue with is that the blue toned light that is created in HID lights is far more natural compared to regular daylight as opposed to other types of old-fashioned headlights. This means that the light that is created cuts through the darkness much easier.

While it might take a little bit of getting used to, especially if you’ve been driving for years with halogen headlights instead of xenon headlights, but these headlights do allow you to see better at night.

Cons of HID Headlights

While the better night vision is important, there are some potential drawbacks worth talking about. Because of the color of the light being created, while this headlight is better at night, it’s actually not as good during fog. The light gets scattered so if you live in an area that frequently has heavy fog, then this bulb just might not be the best fit.

HID lights also tend to be more expensive. This means if there is an accident and these lights get damaged, you may find yourself having to pay a lot more money in order to get them replaced. This is important because not everyone is going to have the same budget, but of course this is an expense that might never come up.

Xenon HID Versus Xenon Gas-Filled Bulbs

The reason HID lights are so important is that it changes the very design of the headlight that you’re looking at. If you see a bulb labeled as a Xenon bulb, it’s possible it’s the old halogen design with just some Xenon added, which means you’re not actually getting the full effect you should be.

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge and relies more on a very heavy ignition of xenon gas that gives you the full benefit of headlights that can really slice through the fog. You want the HID versions. Any others are just very poor imitators.

This is part of the reason that the HID Xenon H7 Bulb is so popular. It’s not only a great fit that is made by a wide variety of very popular brand,s but it is high-intensity and so is going to give you the best possible night driving experience.

In Conclusion

There are many different HID vehicle headlights out there, and you want to make sure you get one that really fits in your specific needs and helps give you a better and safer driving experience. The perfect fit goes a long way towards making this happen. Just two examples of top-notch brands producing this specific headlight include Kensun and XenTec. These companies are well-known for the quality of their parts, and they just happen to both produce two of the highest rated HID Xenon H7 headlight bulbs for sale on Amazon.

That’s the type of support that is going to drive sales because it is a top-notch bulb that has a lot of positive feedback from customers.

So in short, these are headlights that you might need to reconsider if you drive in an area that is frequently hit with deep fog. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about high-quality night driving and fog isn’t and issue, then these are some HID headlights you will want to consider.

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