HID Colors For HID Kits : Conversion Kits In Cool Colors

There are many good reasons to replace old halogen headlights with HID headlights. In fact, HID headlamps are great in terms of better performance, a lower energy draw, and less heat radiated to the outside. There is even a fun side to this kits, and that is the fact that consumers can choose different HID colors for HID kits. What Are HID Colors for HID Kits? These are some of the cool colors that xenon replacement bulbs can come in: * White HID headlights - 5000k to 6000k * Blue HID read more..

Understanding the HID Color Chart

The HID Color Chart If you are looking to buy High Intensity Discharge lighting then you should first take a look at a HID color chart in order to find out which HID colors are the best ones for your need. The HID color chart describes the different HID colors of light in terms of Kelvin. Kelvin what? A Kelvin is a unit of measurement that describes color temperature. It can be used to measure the hue of the lights in a HID kit. In most cases, HID kits are made available with colors ranging read more..