HID Light Kits: Efficient yet Better Lighting Solutions

Lighting technology changed for years as solutions like HID light kits become available in the market. Also known as high-intensity discharge lamps, many individuals took advantage of these kits for their vehicles like cars and even for bicycles. What are HID lights? HID lights produce light utilizing tungsten electrodes that form an electric arc inside the bulbs. Its electrical gas discharge features take advantage of gas and metal salts to fill the tube. The gas serves as an ignition read more..

Aftermarket Car HID Light Kits

Over the years, studies have shown that a huge percentage of nighttime car accidents are caused by poor lighting, sometimes under bad weather conditions. Due to technology breakthroughs in lighting, there are now high power, long lasting lights, that a person can buy, then install himself with very little effort. These lights are called High Intensity Discharge lights, HID, and they come in kits, with 2 special bulbs, matching ballasts, and 2 starters as well. They are direct replacements for read more..