Tanishq Franchise Agreement

The investment of the Tanishq franchise has the potential to make good profits. Due to the enormous brand value of this national company, customers trust Tanishq in the manufacture of a jewelry purchase. Depending on the model, it takes 2 to 15 crore to open a Tanishq franchise. Kulhalli says: “Depending on the business, turnover and location, they are between 20 and 40%. Today, 25 to 30 percent of franchisees are those who have been in the business since the beginning. The typical profile of Tanishq franchisees are businessmen, retailers and distributors. You can only apply online for the De Tanishq franchise. Take the link www.titancompany.in/business-opportunity/franchising. Select Tanishq as an area of interest. Then fill out the form carefully. If you are pre-selected, company representatives will contact you for further procedures for opening a Tanishq franchise. Kulhalli, on maintaining a healthy relationship with the franchisee, says: “We have annual events, frequent meetings, roundtables, discussions, etc. We have a co-operative team that passes the problems on to management.¬†The company also handles merchandising, marketing campaigns, employee motivational activities and employee health insurance.

Learn more about running a successful franchise business Once the candidate applies to become a Titan franchise, Titan Team will contact you to understand the candidate`s needs and assess needs and location (if any). The contractor would then be asked to sign the agreement, a position that will share detailed BR business information with the franchise. Once the contractor has confirmed, Titan headquarters approves the interest in partnering with Titan and the app; The new Titan franchise must sign a franchise agreement. This agreement is valid for life. Titan will provide all kinds of support when stores open and even after stores or kiosks are commissioned. Sandeep Kulhalli, senior vice president (retail and marketing) at Tanishq, said: “Well, they are competent, they know the heart of the company, they know the model, the management and the organization. We are more comfortable with these people.¬†Thanks to the success of Titan, which began franchising in 1988, Tanishq entered franchising in 1996. The fundamental objective was to develop and maintain itself as an Indian jewellery brand. Currently, nearly 160 odd stores are franchised, while 46 of its stores are owned by the company.

With new and old franchisees growing, today most of its franchisees are in the cities of Tier II, III and IV. Due to the success of franchisees by Titan, many of them have opted for tanishq franchise to add more splendor to their portfolio. RKS was founded in 2008 by Ram Khiloni Agarwal, Asha Rani and Amit Agarwal. The company operates a Tanishq jewelry theatre in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, as part of a franchise agreement with Titan. Tanishq Stores – A jewelry-based jewelry franchise would require start-up costs of about 150 Lakhs So investing in the Tanishq franchise is a very profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs in India. Tanishq currently plans to open more than 200 branches in at least 130 small towns over the next 5 years. Currently, the company has 275 exclusive stores in 170 cities.