About Us


aMy brother and I have always been interested in light, whether it was when we were young, worrying about the monster under the bed and only having an undependable flashlight…or now when we’re much older and wanting the brightest, most like the natural sunshine, headlights on our cars, light in all forms has always just fascinated us.

HID headlights are amazingly bright and so close to being in the same color spectrum of natural sunlight that driving with them at night is just safer. They’re also much more economical and yes, more beautiful.

We don’t believe in recommending a product that we have never seen or used so we actually went through the whole process of purchasing an HID kit from HIDeXtra.com and installed it ourself on our fathers 2012 Chevrolet truck. Of course we took pictures, timed and documented the whole process (which you can see here if you click this link) so anyone who wanted to know, could know how easy it actually is to install these headlights.

After we installed the HID headlights and Dad drove home I called him to see what he thought of the new lights on his truck and his exact comment was “Heck yeah, us old farts need as much light as possible to see the road with”.  I was hoping for something a little more specific but that’ll work, thanks for the quote, Dad.

Thanks for visiting our site, if you have any questions please throw us an email and my brother, who is actually a master mechanic will be more then happy to answer. Once again, thank you for your time.

Carter and Michael McCollum