What Is Multilateral Agreement On Investment

A company incorporated or organized according to the right of a contracting party, but that was an investment by an investor of another party from the date of the event that triggered the dispute until it was presented with a settlement under paragraph 2.c for disputes related to that investment as an “investor of another contracting party” within the meaning of this article and as a “national of another contracting state” within the meaning of article 2 25, paragraph 2, point b) of the ICSID agreement on a dispute that is not subject to settlement by the investor who owns or controls it. No party can require a company of that party, which is an investor of another party, to appoint persons of a specific nationality as officers, managers and board members. [Wishing that this agreement strengthens international cooperation in investment and the development of global rules on foreign direct investment within the global trading system, as envisaged by the World Trade Organization;] the assumption of their investments or part of their investments by their armed forces or their authorities or [this agreement applies to investments made before it came into force for the parties concerned [in accordance with the legislation of the contracting party in the territory from which they were made] and the investments made at a later date. This agreement does not apply to rights arising from events that occurred prior to its entry into force or to claims settled prior to its entry into force.] or [this agreement applies to investments in progress on the date of entry into force and investments that have been established or subsequently acquired;] if the definition of “investment” should be limited to the intellectual property rights contained in the ON TRIPS agreement; The regulatory authorities of each party make available to interested parties the requirements required for the implementation of investment requests in a financial services company or their activities. Unless the parties to the dispute agree otherwise, the court consists of three arbitrators, appointed by each of the parties to the dispute, and the third, who is the presiding arbitrator appointed by the parties to the dispute.