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Many people may be speculating what Xenon headlights are? The answer is pretty simple. First and foremost, HID purely refers to High Intensity-Discharge. These headlights use the inert gas (xenon) to intensify light emitted by running electricity amid two electric arcs. Different from incandescent headlights, this kind does not use a glowing filament. The use of Xenon gas elevates the capacity of these lamps to instantly produce slightly sufficient light before attaining their full radiant potential.

Unlike argon gas that is commonly used in street lights that takes relatively several minutes to reach full light output once put on. Xenon headlights can be distinctly identified as they display a unique bluish tint contrasting tungsten filament headlamps. HID headlights also known as Xenon headlights carry with them a wealth of benefits that can be directly attributed to their growing popularity and increased use in exotic vehicles.

Benefits of Xenon Headlamps

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The technology they employ produces a more robust beam pattern fit for illuminating the road during night travels and unfavorable weather conditions. This pattern has a larger lit viewing radius, covering a widespread swath of road view improving visibility as well. Most drivers driving vehicles with this type of headlights, experience a more uniform concentrated beam of light without a gradual fade apparent in regular headlights.

This prowess can be justified by aiming a set of headlights on a wall to create a sharp, clear and non-dwindling light effect. Their lifespan is comparatively elongated, estimated to be two or three times longer than the usual headlamps in vehicles. The Xenon headlights are also neatly designed to make the reflective road safety signs and symbols clearly visible to the eye, almost to the point where the road signs seem to glow.

Nevertheless, drivers benefit from viewing the road with better contrast and color depth which makes debris, animals, pedestrians, bumps, blind spots etc. to be clearly visible without straining the eye. This mechanism also benefits those with night vision problems. Xenon headlights are very economical in power consumption even though they require a high voltage for just a modicum of electric current, which is almost half what common headlights utilize.

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Top Xenon Headlights Xenon headlights can be added to a vehicle that came with the standard headlights though this may require some additional components to be installed. You can readily find a complete xenon/HID conversion kit that will come with everything you need to install them into your vehicle yourself. Most vehicles usually have them installed at the factory and assemblies. Sometimes they also have the option of offering xenon on low beam but couple it with halogen lights to be used on high beam as a way of offering a lower priced option.

The long list of benefits can be summed up into three categories; Safety, Long term use and high performance. The future holds an opportunity for production of many of these sophisticated headlights. For instance they can be assembled in small packages but deliver beyond expectation which is a great advantage to manufacturers and vehicle designers. When it comes to headlight supremacy, xenon headlights are a true unrivaled performer.

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