Xentec HID Kit Review

Xentec Hid light kitHID, or high-intensity discharge, lights have become quite popular in the automotive industry. While they tend to come standard only on luxury models, many people find that they can simply purchase HID conversion kits and install them on their own. This allows them to have HID lights on their car without having to go out of their way to purchase a luxury model.

However, if you’ve been looking for Xentec HID kit reviews, you probably already know all about that. You likely don’t need to be told what a HID light is, either. However, in case you’ve stumbled upon this review by accident, here’s a quick run down. A HID light works similar to a florescent light. The benefit of this is that the light is closer to natural daylight than standard headlights, and so can provide better night time visibility. There are some drawbacks, but since this isn’t a review about the pros and cons of HID lights, there’s no need to get into those.

The Xentec HID kit will run you about thirty dollars, and you can easily order it from the internet. No doubt a number of local automotive stores will carry it as well. It’s not difficult to find, nor is it expensive to purchase, so those are points in its favor.

However, it’s also a bit smaller than the standard HID kit. As well, some of the parts that are traditionally made out of metal, like the ballasts, are instead made out of plastic. This is a problem, because it means these parts won’t hold up quite as long as you would want them to hold up. Installing the Xentec HID kit is a bit difficult, as well, because the instruction page isn’t as detailed as you might want. Lastly, once installed, the light is not as bright as some of the other kits on the market.

Those are the downsides. However, don’t take that to mean the Xentec HID kit is a bad kit! The Xentec HID kit is great for when you have an older car that you want to install HID lights on. You don’t want to pay a hundred dollars or more to install HID lights on a car that’s liable to break down soon. Xentec is also a great kit for when you want HID lights but simply don’t have a lot of money to spend. Or, alternatively, if someone wants to pay you to install HID lights but they don’t want to pay a lot of money.

This Xentec HID kit review may seem like it’s knocking the Xentec HID kit, but try not to read it that way. It’s one of the best cheap kits on the market. Not everyone can afford a top dollar HID kit, and quite frankly not everyone needs a top dollar HID kit. Sometimes, the cheaper kits work just fine. So if you’re looking for a good HID kit that won’t force you to break the bank, Xentec HID kit is probably the best kit you’re going to find

If you want more info, here is a link to a forum where actual buyers bought and installed Xentec kits, http://priuschat.com/threads/anyone-tried-xentec-hid.91556